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Intervention Assistance in Newark, New Jersey

The most efficient method for getting an addict into a rehabilitation treatment program is to host an intervention. Addiction is frightening for both the addict and the addict’s friends and family. There may be somebody in your life who you believe is dependent on drugs or alcohol, that somebody is now a shell of their former self. If that sounds like someone you know, then an intervention is a good way to get that person introduced to the recovery progress. Even though you deeply care for your family member or loved one, there comes a point where you are tired of saying no. You are fed up with being used, enabling the addict with their codependent behavior. Confrontation is something that a person trying to help an addict should not be afraid of. Confronting a friend or loved one takes strength and it takes action to show you care. You might be asking yourself, “How can I help my family member or friend get clean again,” and “What is my function in getting my friend clean?” Research has shown that there is about an 80 to 90 percent success rate for families and friends that stage an intervention for the addict to seek treatment. For over a decade, our team of recovery specialists have been helping men and women in the Newark, NJ area overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. A new beginning starts by calling a recovery specialist at 973-447-8078 today!

Denial is commonplace for long time addicts, or the person simply does not want to seek treatment. The process includes people that care about the addict, such as family, friends, coworkers as they come together to confront the addict about their addiction. They discuss the consequences of their drug dependency, and strongly urge him or her to seek treatment. They outline what going to treatment can offer the addict a possibility as far as better life through sobriety. With staging an intervention, the right pieces need to be put in place to make an intervention a success. Our recovery specialists have the resources to recommend skilled, certified interventionists who are registered with the Association of Intervention Specialists. An interventionist is there to guide and direct the intervention. It is strongly encouraged for family members and friends to utilize a certified, skilled interventionist if they plan on hosting an intervention for their friend or loved one. Without an interventionist, interventions run the possibly of backfiring, typically because friends and members of the family are too close to the situation to remain objective. Usually, an interventionist will require that friends and family members write a letter to or make notes to be read out loud to the addict. These letters might include pleas to seek rehab, emotional appeals, and even ultimatums regarding rehab and sobriety. Interventionists have a deep understanding of the illness and can effectively communicate with both friends and family members, and the addict. An interventionist uses the right language for both the addict and the addict’s family and friends and can communicate effectively to everyone in the room. They are the essential mediator to make sure the intervention goes smoothly and get the addict to rehab then and now.

It can be a scary experience to watch a friend or a family member struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction. Getting the intervention going is not easy as asking the person to stop their habits. A successful invention requires a planned, intense effort by the addict’s friends and family. The best result of an of intervention is to get the addict to therapy. A drug or alcohol rehabilitation program is the addiction best line of defense against drugs addiction. Intervention is a method to introduce the addict to various treatment options. If you or someone you love is in the Newark, NJ area need services such as detox, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, intensive outpatient calls our recovery specialists. The first step in the road recovery start with a phone call, so pick up the phone now!

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