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Addiction Treatment in Newark, NJ

Our recovery specialists help those with the desire to end their addiction for once and for all start their first crucial steps. Our team works with treatment centers in your area to help shed some light on the darkness of drug/alcohol addiction brings to someone. We can help give you or someone you love a chance to change their life for the better. For over a decade we have been helping men and women persevere from addiction of drugs and alcohol in the Newark, NJ area.

The strain that a drug and alcohol addiction bring is emotional, physical, and financial suffering and can unfortunately end lives. Drug and alcohol dependency are deceptively complex, and makes addicts think they just have one choice to continue drinking or getting high. Our team of recovery specialists can be the life raft that you have loved one desperately needs. The drug and alcohol rehab centers in the area offer custom-designed addiction treatment programs and amenities to make the recovery process go smoothly. The program includes recovery group counseling, behavioral therapies individual counseling, healthy hobbies, physical activities within comfortable living facilities under 24-hour supervision care. For a better tomorrow, pick up the phone and call 973-447-8078 today!

Our Mission is to Provide Quality Care and Placement for Those Seeking Addiction Recovery.

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